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SEO Case study

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Choco Mashpi



Choco Mashpi

Choco Mashpi is a project of skilled and passionate chocolate makers motivated by a love of nature in all its forms. They Craft the finest chocolate using only the highest quality ingredients and traditional techniques and happily work to provide healthy, clean, and fair products. You can look at the following results to assess the improvements brought about by us:

Our Recent Results

Cacao pulp filled chocolate 1
lupine chocolate 1
100 pure cacao powder 1
agroecological chocolate 2
cardamom chocolate 7
cacao pulp 6
regenerative chocolate 7
65 percent chocolate 6
water friendly chocolate 2

Organic Presence

SEO Case study

Poor rankings

Before approaching us for SEO, Mashpi’s search engine rankings were poor. Through keyword research and continuous work on them, we managed to improve Google rankings drastically.

Website optimisation

The website was not fully SEO optimised. Many pages were missing meta descriptions, title tags, and image alt text. Our SEO team handled these issues efficiently and optimised the website in no time.

Companies That Trust Us

Ever since we started business in 2010, we have offered our quality services to businesses in varied industries. Having served more than 500 clients, we have the expertise to pave the way to success amidst highly competitive markets. Following are some of the significant clients we have collaborated with:


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